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Maria King/Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist UKCP accredited

I am a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and completed an extensive training with The Arbours Training Programme in London in 2007.   


Understanding is at the heart of what I do as a psychotherapist.  I set up my practice to provide a resource for people who feel they need help with the mental challenges they are facing - empowering them to gain a better understanding of themselves and their lives.  Psychotherapy offers possibilities to explore what is within your power to change and to be reminded on a fundamental level that you have choices.


I have worked in private practice with individuals in London and Kent.  My guiding philosophy is to deal with people as people, not patients.  We all experience mental challenges at some point in our lives, sometimes to a level that requires attention.  The difference in seeking therapy to help you with those challenges, is that you have chosen to try and change your life.  I can help by exploring -with you -the challenges and pressures that you face, as well as the events in your life that may have lead up to them.  By gaining a deeper understanding of these challenges, you'll be better placed to deal with them. 

The first meeting is treated as a space which offers a time for you to think, reflect and talk about your reasons for coming and for me to listen.  The session will last for 50 minutes and will also give you the opportunity to ask me any questions. I can work with individuals on a short or long term basis.

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